Our patent-pending Trills are equipped with state-of-the-art brainwave sensing technology and Bluetooth 2.0 for the ultimate headphone experience

Custom-designed foam headband as part of our advanced comfort system

Fully 3D-printed EEG electrodes with a state-of-the-art brainwave processing system

Dayton Audio CE-Series Speaker Drivers for a fully-immersive audio experience

The App

Our mobile app allows you to watch the changing landscape of your brain as it tailors your music playback to help you concentrate, work hard, and feel good

Our app, powered by Spotify, connects to your Trills via Bluetooth to show you the changing landscape of your brain. Using advanced machine learning techniques, the app can accurately recommend music based on your personal tastes and your cognitive state to help you concentrate, work hard, and feel great.


Our Trills come equipped with 3 cutting-edge music recommendation algorithms for you to get the most out of your music listening experience.


The focus mode assesses your current level of concentration and finds just the right music that will help you zone in on that paper you just REALLY don’t want to write—no more pulling all-nighters and receiving glares from your professor as you roll into class late, looking like a zombie (shout out to English Comp 101).


Need to get hyped up for that daunting interview, that overdue workout, or worst of all, that dreaded laundry day? Select motivation—our app assesses your current state of arousal and selects songs to boost it so that you’ll never say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


Designed with your serenity in mind, the mood app curates a playlist that helps you reach the emotional state you need, whether that’s carefree bliss or a good shower cry. Definitely comes in handy after looking at your bank account… it’s okay, we’ve got you. You totally deserved that $30 worth of Thai food.